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Can coaching with Wellness Made Simple make a difference?

I just took a course with Anne Bacher and wanted to talk about it because it was very, very helpful to me. I had heard her talk about this course at a…Chamber meeting and thought, “Boy, that’s something I could use:  peace of mind and how to control your emotions”. There are many things in my life right now that are competing for my emotions and my peace of mind. I thought, “This is pretty good timing.” I took the class with her, and it was very inspirational. The way she presented things was very simple and put things into perspective. I don’t know about others, but I live so much time in fear and future thinking and always thinking the worst, constantly battling to stay in joy and to stay focused. As my circumstances hit me throughout the day, I get real tense, upset, and fearful and just resonate there. I’m not happy a lot of the time, and I tend to want to escape to other areas just to get away from this feeling. Anne breaks things down really simply. She shows how you can freeze habitual negative thoughts and use your own wisdom. She explains how to transform your thinking so that, even if the worst thing you could imagine did happen (and it probably won’t), so be it: you can be ready and handle it. She teaches about different points of view and how to get out of subjective, defensive, controlling ways of thinking. Wisdom thinking takes you out of yourself. It puts you in a much better frame of mind and allows you to keep everything in perspective. There was a lot more – deep and intense – and Anne just has a smile about her. She makes you feel good even if the discussion gets hard. She’s both educated and down to earth, very vulnerable and transparent. You can tell that she has passion and really cares about you. This came at just right time and was a great step for me.

I would highly recommend getting into some kind of study with her. ~ Greg, Business Owner (multiple)



Wellness Lifestyle

Wellness starts with your physical body. Nutrition at the cellular level is the foundation for all wellness. We partner with you to develop, maintain, and uplevel a customized path to eat right, exercise, rest and manage stress, reduce toxic load, and practice informed self-care and proactive medical care. When your body is working optimally – this includes getting proper fuel to your brain and maintaining a healthy gut – your mind can be clear, focused, alert, and curious; and your spirit can be open to experiencing higher levels of love, joy, and peace. The wonderful thing about your path and goals for wellness is that they are unique to you. Wellness Made Simple provides education, resources, and relationships to help you discover and implement what makes sense for you. Your loved ones, pets, environments, and goals are important to us. We are excited to show you how to reach your wellness goals in all parts of your life…with simplicity.

Wellness Products

The best way to support wellness is with daily living products that are safe, effective, easy to use, and affordable. Products should be pure, potent, free of adulterants and contaminants, independently and thoroughly tested, properly labelled, and backed up with plenty of usage information. Wellness Made Simple partners with dōTERRA International to offer the most tested, most trusted essential oils, nutritional supplements, and household and personal care products on the market today. When you use dōTERRA products, you join more than 6 million households around the world who have changed the way they shop, maintain health and wellness, and address self-care and medical care issues. You save money by buying at or below wholesale and by learning how to use simple, natural products in place of expensive and often less safe store brand items. dōTERRA products are designed to work together and are backed by extensive educational resources and testing results transparency. You can learn more about dōTERRA products and the wellness lifestyle by clicking on the link below.

We can also help you to find top quality products for your other needs. We are here to support an excellent shopping and usage experience.

Wellness Sharing

When you find products and strategies that do what they say they will do, you often want to share them with others beyond your immediate family. Wellness Made Simple offers a wide variety of private and group education, mentoring, and coaching services customized to meet the needs of you, your family, and your circles.

Three baseline areas are: personalized nutrition based on individual physiology and lifestyle; mindset and emotional balance strategies; and essential oils, nutritional supplements, and safe, therapeutic home and personal care products.

We encourage satisfied clients to share what they love with others. In the case of products available through doTERRA International, dōTERRA chooses to forego an in-house sales force and offers compensation to wholesale customers who choose to become independent Wellness Advocates. Wellness Made Simple coaches both wholesale customers in product use and those who wish to share the products in achieving personal sharing and financial goals. We are here to help you make plans, find solutions, and achieve success.

We support paying it forward: sharing your wellness experiences with others whenever and wherever you can to bring knowledge and healing. Together, we can empower every home to be a place of wellness.

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