About Anne

I was raised in New England, the oldest child of Greatest Generation parents. My brothers and I ate homecooked food and played outside, read books and played board games, and rarely watched TV. We had a big garden, and we didn’t use medicine. We used things like honey and lemon for our throats, clove oil for toothaches, warm olive oil for earaches, and compresses or heating pads/ice bags for pretty much everything else.

Then came college and grad school, twin sons, professional work in manufacturing and financial services, and lots of experimentation with food to get the best health, energy, and focus for all of us. During this time, I discovered whole food supplements and “green” home and personal care products. I also discovered that store products had been the cause of my decades of problem skin. I found a private skincare line that included Frankincense, Myrrh, and Sandalwood, but it became unavailable. I then used only pure olive oil soap for many years as I sought a reliable way to make my own blends.

In 1995, I married the love of my life. Johnny is a disabled Vietnam combat veteran who is a great cook, funny, and brilliant. He returned to school in 1999 for a second Master degree and then took a job in California. We started eating

locally raised organic food. I became a Life Coach certified by the Aesthetic View Institute of Fresno (emotion control and mental clarity techniques) and started following the Blood Type Diet.

Johnny had to retire for medical reasons, and we chose to move to western Pennsylvania. I turned our property into an organic garden and started preserving food. Disc therapy helped with Johnny’s back pain, but eventually he had to have major spine surgery. That’s when healthcare changed for us.

Halfway through his in-house recovery from the surgery, Johnny was diagnosed with MRSA and I started praying to find a way to keep him safe during recovery and beyond. The next day, I was invited to a webinar on essential oils. The webinar introduced me to a company called doTERRA and their Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils and other natural products. The first slide showed a pubmed study about a blend that would keep MRSA from growing on surfaces! I had finally found oils in the form and quality I could trust, and we began to use them immediately. That was in 2014, and the significant positive changes that resulted from incorporation of doTERRA solutions into our personal lives led me to form Wellness Made Simple.

I offer live workshops, private and small group consultations, online courses, and a wide variety of online and print educational and support resources in the areas of:

  • emotional control techniques
  • natural health and wellness solutions
  • personalized nutrition

I help you to make YOUR wellness journey simple…for life!



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