February 6, 2020 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
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Anne Bacher, Wellness Made Simple
Personalized Nutrition @ Secret Facebook group - details available to registrants

Personalized Nutrition: Eat Right for YOU!

This 6-month course provides an overview of blood type, secretor status, genotype, epigenetics and DNA analysis, and the framework necessary for understanding and following the best diet, exercise, and supplement strategy for YOU based on your unique body!  The course starts on September 19 – just in time to prepare for the year-end holidays – and  continues to support you through the holidays, and offers the opportunity to start the new year with a mind and body reset, ending on February 20.

Student requirements (all books, kits, and clinical analysis are available at discounted pricing through Wellness Made Simple):

  • Required for ALL: Payment in full or arrangements made for payment plan in advance of the course start date
  • Required for ALL: Purchase and read “Eat Right 4 Your Type”, revised edition (book) as assigned
  • Required for ALL: Purchase and read “Changing Your Genetic Destiny” (book) as assigned
  • Required for ALL: Keep a journal for notes, experiences, tips, etc.
  • Required for ALL: Know your blood type and Rh factor (+ or -) or purchase the test kit before course start date to know your blood type by September 26
  • Required for ALL: Commitment to participate in live Zoom class 2x per month
  • Required for ALL: Commitment to journal progress and share insights, experiences, and challenges with instructor and with the group
  • Optional (test kits and software): secretor status test kit, genotype test kit, DNA test, SWAMI Xpress II software for home use; and/or (clinical analysis at an outside private lab, Atlas Genetics, Inc. in Champaign, IL; data is 100% encrypted) Opus 23, SWAMI Genotype III, UBiome

What I provide:

  • Bimonthly one-hour live, interactive group Zoom calls that will be recorded and posted – links can be emailed for anyone not on Facebook (see schedule below) – that introduce new information, review reading assignment content, and provide generous time for live Q&A as well as answers to questions that have been submitted through the Facebook group
  • Secret Facebook group with online coaching, accountability, and interaction throughout the entire course
  • Food tracker template for weekly meal planning (.xls) – use is optional
  • Links to helpful websites, Facebook groups, Instagram feeds, and other resources

Live Zoom call dates:

  • September 19 & 26 (all calls are scheduled to take place from from 8pm Eastern US – 9pm; Zoom link will be posted in the Facebook group)
  • October 3 & 17
  • November 7 & 21
  • December 5 & 19
  • January 2 & 9
  • February 6 & 20

Contact course instructor, Anne Bacher, at 724-395-0895 or jabacher1@comcast.net to discuss course content, pricing, and course requirements. This course is designed to be both educational and supportive, an accelerated and mentored way to develop simple, safe, and effective lifetime habits.

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